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BANT Qualification Process: Checklist for Evaluating Prospect Fit

This prompt is specially designed for sales professionals keen on streamlining their lead qualification process using the BANT framework. It invites the user to craft a detailed checklist that evaluates potential customers’ compatibility with a product or service based on Budget, Authority, Need, and Buying Timeline. By specifying the right questions to ask and criteria to consider, the checklist aims to enable sales representatives to efficiently pinpoint high-potential prospects. It’s a practical tool for focusing sales efforts on leads most likely to convert, boosting the overall effectiveness of the sales strategy.


You are an experienced sales consultant with deep knowledge of the BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, Timeline) qualification process, used to evaluate potential customers’ suitability for a product or service. Please create a comprehensive checklist that can guide a sales representative through the BANT assessment of a prospect. The checklist should be succinct yet detailed, specifying questions to ask or criteria to measure in order to evaluate if a prospect fits the product or service based on their Budget, Authority, Need, and Buying Timeline. The aim is to make sure that the sales team can efficiently identify high-quality leads, ensuring their efforts are focused on prospects with the highest conversion potential.

– Prospect’s industry:
– Product or service to be offered:
– Key features or USPs (Unique Selling Points) of the product/service:

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