Get AI-empowered: Sell More, Serve Better & Save Time

Hit the ground running with Julie Holmes, your go-to AI & Innovation Speaker, as she cuts through the noise and overwhelm to deliver straight-up jaw-dropping strategies for leveraging artificial intelligence in your business today.


Lead the Charge in Tomorrow's AI-Enhanced Business World

You know innovation isn’t just a buzzword—it’s your ticket to staying ahead, especially in times of uncertainty. Embracing artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t just about keeping up; it’s about leaping forward, scaling your sales processes, and unlocking new technologies to sell more, serve smarter, and save precious time.

But here’s the catch… You’re swamped by tech jargon, tangled in conflicting advice, wary of costly missteps that could drain your resources, and under immense pressure to make decisions that will shape your business’s future.

Sound about right? You’re not alone. Julie is here to cut through that noise. Around the globe, she empowers companies with pragmatic, powerful strategies to innovate and automate. Expect no-nonsense, actionable methodologies that will catapult your business forward. And yes, we’re going to have a blast doing it. That’s a promise!

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Julie doesn't just talk about tech and innovation; she delivers it on and off the stage

Rev up your event with Julie Holmes, the speaker who turns AI and tech talk into engaging, digestible insights. Julie tackles tech fears head-on, flipping them into excitement and clarity. With her vibrant style, she breaks down the latest in technology, making it accessible to everyone. Leave your audience not just informed but energized and ready to act.

Want a memorable event that empowers and enlightens? Invite Julie Holmes for a presentation filled with actionable insights.


Becoming AI-Empowered: Embrace AI to Sell More, Serve Better, and Save Time​

Imagine a world where 73 million US jobs are automated, and businesses invest a staggering $309.6 billion in AI. In an era where keeping up and getting ahead is key, AI isn’t just an option; it’s a necessity.

This keynote isn’t about tech – it’s about applying AI to sell more, serve better, and save time. Julie brings a transformative approach to AI, revealing how one simple idea can change your whole approach and mindset when it comes to AI. Plus, we’ll dive into specific tools and tips you’re audience will be eager to use.

In this CHOOSE YOUR OWN AI ADVENTURE program, you’re audience will get an AI-empowering foundation along with YOUR CHOICE of up to FIVE different deep-dive topics depending on program length. 

Is your audience desperate for some valuable time saving AI strategies? Can do! Maybe they’re hoping to turn out content faster from tools like ChatGPT – check! What about personalization at scale for sales, service or internal use? And let’s not forget AI-powered research for prospecting or using the AI-crystal ball for analytics and predictions. The choice is YOURS, although Julie’s always happy to make recommendations.

Get all the best AI content specifically for YOUR group. It’s great to have a choice!

Automate Your Day with AI

Meet the AI tools that streamline tasks and save precious hours

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Deliver individualized impact at scale

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Move from hindsight to AI-sight.

"We selected Julie to speak at our National Sales Conference. She delivered humor, energy, and highly practical advice. She engages with the audience and gets them up on their feet and involved. She commands the audience, connects, and teaches. Julie is a top-class speaker who really ticks all the boxes that event organizers like me are looking for. A fantastic speaker you simply must have at your event."


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