Becoming AI-Empowered: Embrace AI to sell smarter, serve better, and save time

90% Of leading businesses say they are investing in AI technologies to stay competitive, yet only 14% of employees feel they have the skills needed to work alongside AI. This gap is your opportunity and this program shows you how by covering these 4 areas:

Upgrade Your Teams: Build an AI-empowered organization

Be the leader your company needs right now.

With 57% of leaders steering their organizations toward an AI-driven future, the real question is how you will lead your team through this transformative era. This isn’t just about adapting; it’s about leveraging AI to excel and lead.

Introducing the UPGRADE Framework: Your Blueprint for Success
This session reveals a strategic seven-step guide to weaving AI into your team’s daily operations. You’ll learn how to recognize AI’s potential and cultivate a culture brimming with innovation, preparing you to confidently guide your team.

Practical AI: Boosting Team Efficiency and Creativity
Discover how AI can revolutionize your team’s approach to problem-solving, enhance productivity, and secure your position as a leader in the new business landscape. With 75% of top executives turning to AI for growth, ensure your team isn’t left behind.

Mastering AI: Your Roadmap to Team Empowerment
You’ll depart with more than just an understanding of AI’s capabilities. You’ll have a concrete plan to implement these game-changing technologies. From nurturing an AI-savvy culture to mastering the tech, prepare to empower your team, refine your strategies, and evolve your practice.

Get Your AI Shift Together: Deliver Your AI Strategy Playbook

94% of leaders acknowledge the game-changing impact of AI on their sectors. The challenge now is how you’ll harness AI to transform your business. And the best leaders will be using AI to carve out a competitive edge and drive innovation.

Crafting Your Strategy: The AI Playbook
Dive into the essentials of creating a personalized AI strategy with insights from “The AI Strategy Playbook.” In this session, you’ll learn how to demystify AI and integrate it into your strategic planning, turning it from a buzzword into a core driver of your business success. You’ll discover how to tailor an AI playbook that not only aligns with your business goals but also sets you apart in your industry.

From Vision to Execution: Making AI Work for You
This isn’t about lofty theories but about getting down to brass tacks. You’ll explore actionable steps to weave AI into the very fabric of your operations, tackling common challenges and ethical dilemmas along the way. With Julie Holmes’ guidance, rooted in her deep expertise in tech innovation, you’ll be equipped with practical tools and insights to execute your AI strategy effectively.

Embrace the opportunity to lead your business into an AI-driven future, ensuring that you’re not just keeping up with technological advancements but actively leveraging them to enhance your competitive advantage and foster innovation.

KISSING CUSTOMERS FOR LOVE & MONEY:Innovate and Improve Your Service & Sales with AI to Make Hearts Go Pitter-Patter

In a competitive landscape where standing out to clients is increasingly challenging, this program offers transformative strategies to turn your business into an irresistible client magnet. This session is all about revolutionizing your client interactions to leave lasting impressions through little “kisses”.

Revolutionize Client Relationships:
Uncover strategies to build lasting bonds with clients, using innovation and differentiation to position your business as a beacon of trust and charisma in the market.

Little Big Bangs for Service & Sales:
Embrace a dynamic method that transforms your team into creative service powerhouses, turning each client interaction into an opportunity to boost your brand and market presence.

Customer Journey Map™ – Your Path to Insight:
Access Julie’s exclusive Customer Journey Map™, a powerful tool for unlocking deep customer experience insights. Identify key touchpoints and opportunities for impactful improvements.

Cultivating Loyal, Loving Clients:
Set your sights on creating clients who are not just satisfied but are devoted advocates of your brand, ready to refer and expand your business.

Pick your flavor (or ask Julie about making something special just for you!):

For Insurance Brokers

For Real Estate Professionals

For Insurance Brokers

THINK LIKE AN INVENTOR FOR EVERYDAY INNOVATION: Deliver big results in 100s of little ways

In a market where 80% of executives place innovation in their top three priorities, yet only 10% are satisfied with their outcomes, it’s clear that the future is owned by innovators.

Transform Challenges into Opportunities with ‘Little Big Bangs’
Learn how to leverage ‘Little Big Bangs’ — small, thoughtful innovations — for significant progress and a competitive edge. Adopt an inventor’s mindset with your team, transforming every challenge into a chance to improve, impact, and inspire.

Real-Life Success Stories: Minor Tweaks, Major Triumphs
Dive into real-world examples where small adjustments led to significant market successes. We’ll outline actionable steps to foster an innovation culture in your organization.

Spotting and Growing Seeds of Innovation
Discover how to identify innovation opportunities in everyday tasks and nurture them into initiatives that enhance processes, boost customer satisfaction, and drive growth.

Empowerment through Innovation
Your organization will learn to harness the power of every idea, transforming ‘what ifs’ into impactful results that resonate both internally and externally.

You’ve got a million things to worry about as the event organizer. Your speaker shouldn’t be one of them! Your days of being frustrated by diva-like speakers that are full of demands or that see you and your event as “just another” group are over!

Julie has NEVER cancelled a presentation – virtual or live. From inquiry to booking to delivery and follow-up, Julie and her team are dedicated to making your experience easy and painless. The focus is always on your audience and helping you make your event a raving success.

And let’s not forget your audience – after all, they’re the real stars of the show! That’s why Julie makes time to:

  • Meet and greet your VIPs
  • Linger and chat with participants (in both virtual and in person programs)
  • Tailor bonus content so your attendees can extend their learning and conference experience
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