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Thanks for attending my program. The fact that you’re here says a lot about your commitment to “tech-ing things up a level”! Below are an array of resources that I trust you’ll find valuable but if you need something more, just drop me a note!

Program Content

Below are some of the resources I shared during our time together.

Key Takeaway

I covered a lot in this program, I know! But, here is the big message…EMBRACE AI. Try new tech. Be strategic about how you integrate it into your day and your business. Learn how to use it properly. And most of all … HAVE FUN!

Program Slides

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Favorite AI Apps & Tools

There are literally 1000s of AI apps & tools now available plus many more apps that have integrated AI technology into their offerings. Julie is creating a library that she’ll be sharing in the near future. In the meantime, here are a few of her favorites!

Multi Purpose Gen-AI Tools

Advanced Conversational AI for Seamless Automation offers cutting-edge conversational AI solutions designed to enhance customer interactions and automate workflows. Benefit from natural language understanding, robust integrations, and scalable deployment to improve efficiency and user experience.
Comprehensive AI Collaboration for Teams of All Sizes
Team-GPT offers enterprise-grade AI solutions, enabling ChatGPT adoption for teams of 2 to 20,000. Streamline workflows with enhanced security, real-time collaboration, robust data privacy, and tailored integrations in one shared workspace to organize knowledge and master AI.
AI-Powered Chatbot for Productivity
Microsoft Copilot integrates AI directly into your workflow within Microsoft 365. Powered by Bing’s vast knowledge, it analyzes your work, suggests content and data insights, and automates tasks. Craft emails, presentations, and even code with Copilot’s assistance, letting you focus on the bigger picture.
AI Model for Creative Content
Go beyond text with Gemini, Google’s advanced AI model. Unlike chat apps focused solely on conversation, Gemini tackles a wide range of tasks across formats – text, code, images, and more. It acts as your research analyst, creative partner, and code whisperer, all rolled into one with a more human-like tone of voice.
Conversations with Various AI Models offers diverse AI models like ChatGPT, GPT-4, Claude 3 Opus, and DALLE 3 for engaging conversations. It’s a hub for interacting with millions of AI bots, ideal for quick answers and dialogues on various topics.
AI Conversational Agent
OpenAI’s chat app generates human-like text responses, great for quick info, creative writing, and coding assistance. Premium versions offer advanced features, comprehensive user experience, and extended interaction capabilities. Ideal for researchers, writers, and curious minds, but not for those seeking in-depth expertise on niche subjects.

Research Tools

Track the Topics and Trends that Matter to You
Feedly is a content curation platform that helps track topics, discover relevant sources, and stay informed efficiently. It offers customizable feeds, AI recommendations, and tools for research, writing, and collaboration. Indispensable for professionals managing information overload.
AI Platform for Concise, Accurate Answers
Perplexity AI is a cutting-edge question-answering application designed to provide fast, accurate information from the web. It is particularly suited for quick, factual responses and research insights.

Productivity Tools

Smart Email Designed to Filter Out the Noise
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Boosts B2B Productivity with Minimal Manual Effort offers an AI-driven task scheduler tailored for B2B professionals, aiming to enhance productivity with minimal manual input. This app streamlines calendar, tasks, and meetings management, promising a 25% productivity boost.
Increase Productivity with Your Own Free AI Notetaker transforms B2B sales by offering real-time analytics and automated meeting documentation. It fine-tunes strategies for peak performance, catering to businesses looking to optimize their sales approach efficiently.

Favorite AI Prompts

Below is a list of some of our favorite prompts that you can use with generative AI tools such as ChatGPT, Google Gemini, and more. Simply select a prompt, copy it and fill in the blanks. If you’d like to see the full library of prompts, click the button below.
Create a Template for a Strategic Partnership Proposal
Boost your business with a strategic partnership proposal template tailored for professionals. Structured to define mutual benefits, objectives, and activities for clear, impactful collaboration.
Create End-of-Quarter Activity Checklist to Improve Results
Discover how to amplify your strategic execution with our End-of-Quarter Activity Checklist, a tailored guide for boosting organizational performance and productivity.
Create a Weekly Team Meeting Agenda
Maximize your weekly team meetings with our tailor-made prompt. Streamline discussions on achievements, project updates, and plans, while respecting everyone’s time and fostering collective growth.
Create a Sales and Marketing Collaboration Plan Framework
Create a seamless collaboration framework between sales and marketing with our prompt. Strategically align teams, define roles, set goals, integrate efforts, and leverage data for enhanced business performance.
Plan Quarterly Sales Target Strategies
Unlock the key to meeting your quarterly sales targets with our expertly crafted prompt. It combines market analyses, segmentations, and strategy development, ensuring your plans are actionable, measurable, and team-focused.
Develop a Communication Plan for Company Restructuring
Discover the art of creating a tailored communication plan aimed at guiding businesses through restructuring, ensuring clarity, trust, and smooth transition for all stakeholders.
Compose Company Diversity and Inclusion Policy Update
Craft a meaningful Company Diversity and Inclusion Policy Update using this prompt, guiding you in highlighting recent initiatives, outlining actionable steps, and enhancing inclusivity in your workplace.
Create a Guide to Boost Departmental Efficiency with ChatGPT
Craft an exhaustive guide on leveraging ChatGPT to skyrocket efficiency across HR, IT, Sales, and Customer Service, featuring real-world applications and best practices for businesses eager to embrace AI for enhanced productivity and collaboration.
Summarize Leadership Workshop Learnings for Team Members
Use this prompt to transform key learnings from a leadership workshop into a concise summary. Designed to inspire team enhancement in leadership, communication, and collaboration.
Draft an Employee Memo on Cybersecurity Importance
Draft an impactful memo on cybersecurity’s critical role, incorporating recent threats, risks to operations, and stressing the collective duty in safeguarding digital assets with engaging structure and a call-to-action.
Create a Strategy for Enhancing Interdepartmental Communication
Craft a strategy to boost interdepartmental communication, enhancing clarity and collaboration with practical steps like tech aids, team-building, regular gatherings, and feedback loops to optimize workflow and morale.
Draft a Proposal for Investment in Employee Training and Development Programs
Draft a compelling proposal for investing in employee training programs with our custom ChatGPT prompt, designed for HR specialists. Highlight the benefits and crucial role of continuous learning in staying competitive.

AI Readiness Assements

Wondering if you or your organization are AI-Empowered? Take the assessment and find out. You’ll receive your AI Readiness Score along with a detailed report about where you fall in category and what you can do to improve right now.


The secret to getting better results from generative AI tools like ChatGPT, Llama, and Claude is prompt engineering. Remember to think of them as REALLY EAGER INTERNS. The more guidance and feedback you give them, the better the results you’ll get. Below is a guide describing the PREPARED prompting structure.


Unlock the full potential of ChatGPT with Julie’s comprehensive guide on custom instructions. Learn how to tailor your AI interactions for maximum impact, ensuring personalized and effective communication every time.

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